Animal lovers

Get as close to the wild as you dare! See the world through the eyes of incredible animals, and then come face-to-face with them. Waddle amongst penguins, swim with dolphins or head out on an African safari.

Orca Encounter

See killer whales in the first experience of its kind

Turtle Reef

View loggerhead, hawksbill and green sea turtles

Loggerhead Lane

Float along our 1,250ft long lazy river.

Aquaria: World of Fishes

Observe saltwater and freshwater ecosystems from around the world

Aquarium De La Mer

Get a firsthand look at some exotic and beautiful creatures

Aquaria Touch Pool

Get an up-close view of some weird and wonderful creatures

Dolphin Days

Join our dolphin and pilot whale family as they show off their athleticism

Dolphin Point

Observe the lyrical movements and playful antics of bottlenose dolphins

Explorer's Reef

Interact with some amazing sea life

Freshwater Aquarium

Come meet a wonderful collection of exotic freshwater animals

Sea Lion Point

Have fun getting to know seals and sea lions

Penguin Encounter

Watch the playful antics of penguins

Sea Lions Tonite

Laugh out loud at this nightly sea lion show

Shark Encounter

Experience a rare, up-close look at these prehistoric predators

Wild Arctic

Flight simulator meets daring adventure

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