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Treat your kids to childhood magic with their favourite characters from Sesame Street. You can have your picture taken with your Sesame Street pals and enjoy lots of family-friendly rides.

Oscar's Rockin' Eel
Oscar the Grouch might be grumpy, but his eel pal is one slippery character! Hang on as he spins and slithers you along on a side-to-side slide of an adventure.

Abby's Sea Star Spin
Take the kids for some whirling, twirling fun on a classic spinning teacup ride. You control the spin with the wheel at the centre of your starfish-inspired riding cup.

Elmo's Flying Fish
Younger kids love this up and down ride across an imaginary ocean – on a flying fish that looks just like Elmo.

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At a glance Top Tips

At a Glance

Type: Three kid-friendly rides and cool water fun

Inspiration: Childhood magic

Ride: Abby’s Sea Star Spin and Oscar’s Rocking Eel
Height to ride: 42” or taller or accompanied by a companion (14 years of age or older)

Ride: Elmo’s Flying Fish
Height to ride: 48” or taller or accompanied by a companion (14 years of age or older)

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Top Tips

If your child doesn’t like spinning, riders control the spinning motion on Abby’s Sea Star Spin, so the spinning can be stopped.

Can your child spot the 7 different types of fish flying around on Elmo’s Flying Fish? They are Pig, Angel, Zebra, Clown, Cat, Dog, and Swordfish.

The centre seat on Oscar’s Rocking Eel is best for nervous riders.

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