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Spend some time with some of our park’s coolest characters. Watch the playful antics of penguins tall and small—nearly 400 in all. Our penguin population represents five Antarctic and sub-Antarctic species - Emperor, Adélie, Gentoo, Macaroni and King penguins.

The Penguin Encounter also is home to nearly 90 puffins and murres, and to warm-weather Magellanic penguins, native to South America, who live in a habitat outside the Encounter.

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At a Glance

Exhibit: Penguin colony

Inspiration: The icy world of the penguin

Watch the playful antics of our 400 penguins

Top Tips

The lighting in the Penguin Encounter mimics the natural light cycle in Antarctica, letting the penguins know when it is time to breed. This means that during the summer, the Penguin Encounter will be completely dark!

Learn about penguins at one of our Penguin Presentations. Check the park map for presentation times.

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