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Guests can interact with incredible bottlenose dolphins throughout the day during trainer-led sessions called “dolphin connections.” During dolphin connections, trainers get in the water and play, swim and splash with the dolphins. Guests around the ledge of the pool can get in on the fun and become part of the action while learning about these amazing marine mammals and SeaWorld's training techniques. Guests may even have the opportunity to rub down, feed, watch a medical checkup or give the dolphins training signals just like a SeaWorld dolphin trainer.

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Exhibit: Bottlenose dolphin pool

Inspiration: The playful dolphins

Come face-to-face with the dolphins

Top Tips

Guests can also watch playful sea otters dive for crabs and shrimp.

Make sure you explore the interactive learning experiences and ask questions of the park educators.

Check your park map for daily dolphin connection times. You might just get the chance to touch, feed or help the dolphin trainers

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