Record numbers of sea lions stranded on the California coast

29 Jan 2015

Rcord numbers of sea lions stranded on the California coast. SeaWorld San Diego has rescued 62 since start of 2015

Unusually high numbers of California sea lions are being cared for by SeaWorld California’s animal rescue team in San Diego after being stranded on local beaches.

The marine park has rescued 62 sick sea lions since 1 January 2015 - an unusually high number for such a short period of time and earlier in the season than normal. Other marine mammal facilities along the coast of California have reported the same trend.

The animals, aged between six to eight months old, are extremely lethargic, malnourished and dehydrated. Some of them are also suffering from hypothermia, hypoglycemia, pneumonia, parasite infections, pox virus or other illnesses that vulnerable animals can be susceptible to when their immune systems become compromised. SeaWorld’s animal care specialists and veterinarians are treating the animals with hydration, nutrition and, when necessary, antibiotics.

The reason for the standings is unknown but it is thought that it could be due to insufficient food source for the sea lions.